Lotte Thor

About: Lotte is a photographer, anthropologist and illustrator based in Berlin.

Clients/Collaborators: XLR8R Music Magazine, 9 Stitches Vintage, Viva Models Berlin, Selektr, Caspar Krisch

Press Pics: Lamache, Reggie Watts, Pressure Traxx, John Dimas, Blossy Music, Einzelkind, Vale Volpe, Ethel Swan, Thorgerdur Johanna, A:G, Maria Mørk

Another project: the record label Harlo, for more see 

The Illustrations: Two specific techniques shape these images: Blind drawing and continuous line. By relying on intuition above visual aid (keeping the eyes firmly fixed on the subject and not peering down at the page while drawing), the motif is no longer anchored in realism as such. A certain psychological bond between sitter and illustrator is forged through intense observation. The results can be bizarre, disturbing, surreal, deformed, mutated and warped.

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