Lotte Thor

About: Lotte is a Norwegian portraiture and fashion photographer, and illustrator based in Berlin. She studied photography at Neue Schüle für Fotografie. She has a BA in Culture and Communication, and a masters degree in Anthropology from London school of Economics. 

Her photography style is largely analog based. She enjoys experimenting with the medium of photography itself, often employing long exposures to capture an abstract mood or feeling. Her aim is to combine art and fashion in a creative, experimental symbiosis.

Clients/Collaborators: Schön! MagazineCake magazine, XLR8R Music Magazine, REVs magazine, Latest magazine, La Botanica magazine, Kaltblut magazine, French Fries magazine, Arcana Mag, GUP magazine/Fresh Eyes, iiS Woodling, Ouverture Berlin, Selektr Vintage

Artists/Musicians: Lamache, Olga Korol, Inner, Dana Ruh, Arno, Katie Drover, Reggie Watts, Pressure Traxx, John Dimas, Foehn and Jerome, Vale Volpe, Ethel Swan, Saramé, Foehn and Jerome, Alex Kid, Alexander Skancke.


IG: @lotte.thor

Another project: the record label Harlo, for more see 

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