Lotte Thor

About: Lotte is a Norwegian portraiture and fashion photographer based in Berlin. 

Born in Mönchengladbach, she was bounced around in childhood moving from place to place -  From England to Sweden and finally back to Norway. She was always intrigued by different cultures, having been exposed to so many, and having attended international schools. This led her to study Social Anthropology, which she has a masters in from London School of Economics. 

She knew she needed to do something hands on and creative to be fulfilled. Since then she found her happy place, behind the camera. She studied photography at Neue Schüle für Fotografie.  Her prior experience as model, a stylist, and fashion editor of a magazine - is an asset in her endeavour with photography. She has insight into all the pieces of the puzzle that come together to form a photo shoot. 

She has always been a music lover. This lead her into taking portraits of friends and musicians - which she continues to do, still.

Eventually she found her way into the creative world of fashion and beauty, approaching it from a conceptual angle. Weaving a story together with help of lighting, angles, colours, makeup, props, and collaborating tightly with her team - is what she loves most.

Her photography style is largely analog based. She enjoys experimenting with the medium of photography itself, often employing long exposures to capture an abstract mood or feeling. 

Publications: Vogue Portugal, Numero, TUSH!, KaDeWe magazine, NYLON, Puss Puss, The Greatest Magazine, Cap74024, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Blanc, Lófficiel, Lula, Schön!Cake, TEETH, Mirror Mirror, XLR8R, REVs.

CLIENTS: Sony Music, Liebeskind Berlin, Nylon, Adidas, KaDeWe, Aur Studio, Julia Leifert, Woodling, Ouverture Berlin, Sevaard, BA Artists, Wild Women, Sansu,  Mitte.

Artists/Musicians: Reggie Watts, Marianna Simnett, Pressure Traxx, Alex Kid, Arno, John Dimas, Slowlife, Olga Korol, Inner, Dana Ruh, Arno, Katie Drover, Alexander Skancke.


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