Lotte Thor


Originally published in Contributor magazine, see it here

“Unsettling” has a double meaning. It refers to something disturbing, but also is the act of moving and leaving a space behind. This story explores the impermanence of human settlement; the static continuity of spaces, versus the flux of humans coming and going. The space is constant, but the humans and and the objects they take with them come and go, ebb and flow. This series gives a glimpse into someone’s personal sphere, but only from afar. Objects are draped in material, ready for moving. Double exposures signify the ghostly presence of previous inhabitants of spaces. The styling is elegant and sculptural, but with gritty signs of construction, visible nuts and bolts, hardware chains and fastenings.

Photography: Lotte Thor

Styling: Juliane Rumpf

Model: Smilla / Izaio management

Hair: Aidan Nee

Makeup: @Beautylinez

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